Looking to prevent unplanned shut-downs?
Struggling with NDT and paint backlogs because of the quality and completeness of visual walkdowns? 

With Abyss you can:

Be Proactive

Proactively address external corrosion across the entire platform for every asset you have offshore


Using AI driven corrosion analytics, prioritize 100% of your process critical equipment in less than 2 months to plan work scopes for Mechanical Integrity, NDT, and Paint teams. 


Reduce your visual inspection POB by up to 95%, complement your existing RBI, and reduce risk through proactive fabric maintenance. 


Prevent LOPCs and reduce costly repairs 




Want to find out more? 

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Abyss are pioneers in AI and Robotics

Abyss Solutions is a pioneering company in AI and Robotics driven Industrial Automation and our best-in-class corrosion detection algorithms drive Abyss Fabric - the automated asset integrity tool for production/refining facilities

Abyss Fabric combines Intelligent digital twin, Machine Learning analytics and Automated Asset Information Management to provide unparalleled insights into the condition of the facilities.

Today we are enabling operators in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea to effectively manage their Fabric maintenance programs and reduce downtime cost and increase safety of their facilities.



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